DevOps is a methodology designed to align development and operation teams to deliver high-quality software faster.

Dev-Ops and Internet Of Things (IoT) Service Offerings:-

DevOps Consulting Services:-Our DevOps team of SMEs addresses many such concerns! DevOps as a Service recommends a new cultural shift that ideally bridges gaps between the core operating teams i.e., Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops), for increased collaboration and enhanced productivity resulting in quality deliverables and improved time to market.

Fast-paced development and quicker time-to-market are the two key factors deciding the success of any organization in today’s IT industry. Besides, there are some other challenges, listed below, that majority of customers are facing today:

  • Lack of cultural balance and coordination/communication between software Development and Operations teams.
  • Lack of agile delivery to drive software-driven innovation.
  • The continued existence of silos between Development and Operations teams.
  • Non-involvement of DBAs in release cycles, significantly hampering the quality of the product.
  • Lack of acceptance on a holistic view of the entire value-chain for continuous software delivery.

DevOps Consulting Services:-

With over a decade of proven excellence in IT and an excellent team of DevOps, SME’s can provide you an effective DevOps implementation strategy. Our successful DevOps implementation model is based on four key building blocks Develop, Build & Test, Deploy, Operate and Monitor. Alexion can do it for you!

  • Infrastructure Automation Services.
  • DevOps Strategy for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud.
  • Continuous Delivery for Big.
  • Data and Machine learning.
  • Kubernetes and Serverless Solutions.
  • Build and Release Pipeline for Multi-Cloud
  • Release Management and Orchestration
  • Continuous Delivery for Cloud-Native Applications
  • Continuous Compliance as a Code
  • Observability, Intelligence, and Analytics
  • Continuous Security and Testing.

Our DevOps consulting team helps define and identify a pragmatic approach to DevOps adoption across the business and technology layers. It focuses equally on bottom-line and topline growth along with automation and cost optimization.

  • Assess an organization’s existing environment utilizing our assessment model IP encompassing people, including agile adoption, tools, automation, solution architecture, cloud services and cultural change management.
  • We bridge the Dev-Ops gap through continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing & deployment.
  • We automate the entire process pipeline from code generation to production, covering builds, test cases, quality checks, security & more.
  • Optimize the existing solution and technical architecture.
  • Design and implement middleware and service bus architecture
  • Code quality assessment and security coverage
  • Performance tuning of the application and infrastructure stack
  • Tools optimization.

Potential Benefits Of DevOps Consulting Services:-

  • Exhaustive design consideration while defining Target Operating Model.
  • Better upfront visibility of challenges reducing solution iterations for DevOps transformation.
  • Trusted solution and proven approach towards transformation.
  • DevOps solution alignment tightly to enterprise vision of agility and performance.
  • Best in class DevOps consulting for point solutions.
  • Tools and technology-agnostic approach for flexibility.
  • Latest trends and industry best practices embedded into the overall consulting and DevOps solution design and implementation.

Why Alexion?

  • Extensive industry experience across advisory and implementation.
  • A strong pool of motivated technology specialists, who offer innovative & effective solutions.
  • Improved release velocity and defect detection.
  • Increased ability and bandwidth to research and innovate.
  • Proven track record of successful project delivery
  • Reduced deployment failures, rollbacks and time to recover.
  • Large scale domain experience ranging from energy to BFSI and e-commerce and healthcare.
  • Technically qualified consultants with strong business domain knowledge.
  • Widespread geographical presence.
  • Deep knowledge pool and industry tie-ups.